• Umbrella - Bourbon Barrel Cider. Head Brewer Matt Armitage rested 500 litres of Ginger Beer in two used Teeling former bourbon hogshead barrels for two years, before carbonating and canning the liquid.
  • A 4% cider with a floral beginning and a sour finish, Umbrella London’s Gooseberry Cider is made using British Dessert Apples and fresh pressed Gooseberries, sourced directly from a single farm in Essex, highlighting the outstanding quality of British fruit and local produce. Made in London and conveniently canned, this new addition coincides with the relaxation of lockdown rules, making it the ideal accompaniment for an afternoon in the park with (no more than six) friends. Sitting alongside their Ginger Beer, Apple Cider, Rhubarb Cider, and Teeling Irish Whiskey Finished Ginger Beer, the new Gooseberry edition brings the Umbrella London portfolio to a family of five – all either canned or bottled, all best enjoyed cold.
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